Development path



Development path



Chemical filler manufacturing plant established

1992 Obtained the administrative license for the design and manufacture of chemical equipment, and the successful transformation of the enterprise
2005 Formation of a large fixed bed reactor production line for chlor-alkali industry
2007 Wuhan Donghai Petrochemical Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. Wuhan Base was completed
Acquired A1/A2 special equipment manufacturing license
Establishing a process engineering engineering company to realize a modular engineering design, equipment manufacturing, project management, and technical consulting comprehensive engineering R&D service platform for small and medium-sized chemical units based on melamine technology.
Obtained ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification
Obtained ASME U steel stamp authorization certificate
600,000 tons / year methanol project equipment, our company successfully manufactured 8200mm diameter equipment

Municipal sludge treatment process and complete plant project won the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund project
The high-pressure heat exchanger of 30,000 tons/year diesel hydrogenation unit was successfully accepted (design pressure 12.2MPa, material: 12Cr2Mo1R+0Cr18Ni10Ti)

2011 -101 °C grade alloy low temperature steel pressure vessel passed the provincial and ministerial level new technology and new product results appraisal

Obtained A1/A2 special equipment design license
Participated in the development of the third generation nuclear non-nuclear internal components of Tsinghua University; the maximum pressure of the pressure vessel manufactured for it was 17.5MPa
Develop efficient multi-strand flow-through tube heat exchanger
The diameter of the carbonylation reactor in the ethylene glycol project is 4600mm, which is the largest diameter heat exchanger produced by our company.


Ammonia carbon separation and technology transfer of melamine tail gas treatment equipment, development of new dimethyl carbonate production technology and pilot plant operation
The length of the methanol inlet and outlet heat exchanger in the 800,000 tons methanol project is 29405.5mm, which is the heat exchanger with the largest production length of our company.
The highly developed coiled tube heat exchanger developed for the first time was used on Jiujiang Zhongke Polypropylene Plant


Highly efficient tubular reactor developed for coal to ethylene glycol and sulfur recovery unit
Synthetic reactor in the production of coal-to-methanol project
Completed the export of PUM/PET equipment (including heat exchangers and containers) of JUMBO project in the United States
Completed the export of Tajikistan refinery atmospheric and vacuum unit equipment (including heat exchangers, vessels, towers)

2016 Completed the export of 7 equipments for the Malaysian Oil Iraq Graf Oilfield Project

Completed the export of the Hubu 2x660MW coal-fired power generation project in the Hubu project in Pakistan







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